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The Foundation of all that is created at the Centre is based on "The Technique"

Start right now with the "Online Training"  LEVEL 1 and feel the healing immediately with your 4 private sessions and the 10 Module course.

Online Training LEVEL I & 10 Week - 10 Modules LIVE ( Virtual) Training LEVEL II with Stacey

Upon purchase of this package, you will receive the online training and be registered for the upcoming weekend retreat. You will receive all the information and zoom links. Please come prepared and have online training complete.

Please book your 4 Private sessions via the schedule link sent in your Welcome email.

Online Training & Weekend Retreat package



  • 10 Module of the online training
  • 1 Ticket to the Upcoming Weekend Retreat
  • Bonus
  • 4 private sessions 
  • Certification fees included

Manifest with The F.I.X. Code

The Protocol To Making A Wish is designed to remove all the blocks and feelings that are stopping you from reaching your goals and the life you desire.

3-hour Virtual Seminar also included 1 Private session to remove one block that is stopping you for attaining your dreams.

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The Tool You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Use the technique in your intro calls and bring your potential clients into that quantum space where life changes. Showcase what you can do and why they want to choose you. 

The First Impressions Package



  • 1 online training
  • 1 ticket to the weekend retreat
  • 4 private sessions
  • Certification fees included
  • AND
  • 1 day intensive with Daniel to learn how to apply and implement into your business.

Let's F.I.X. Decisions takes the Technique to the next level

This NEW online training includes cutting edge information about what decisions are how they impact our lives.

Daniel the Creator & Founder will be teaching HOW to use the F.I.X. Code Technique through decisions to manipulate habits and change the primal programming. The results are astounding. ( pe-requisite- online training and weekend retreat package) 

Coming soon

The Online Training Level 1 ( only)

This 10 Module online training has been designed for you to learn at your own pace. 

Online Training ONLY



  • 10 Module on-line training
  • Bonus
  • 1 Private 1 hour Sessions
  • To become a Certified Practitioner you must attend Level II 10 week LIVE ( Virtual) class with Stacey
  • Complete your Certification of 10 Volunteers 4 Sessions x 1 hour each.

Laser coaching with Daniel

As the Founder and Creator Daniel has many responsibilities and only opens up his private high-end coaching spots a few times a year. If you are someone who is looking for excellence and to elevate your business and work through the blocks that are stopping you or holding you back from the life and business success you are looking for. Then this is the investment you have been looking for. 

1 Year



  • Unlimited 15 Minute laser coaching sessions
  • 1 year Access

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