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5 Day Virtual Summit Agenda


Starts @ 2:00 pm EDT everyday

Welcome to The Trauma to Triumph 5-day program.

This is where MAGIC begins!

This 5 Day program has been designed to showcase Rapid Quantum Leap in Healing using the F.I.X. Code so you can use it with your clients.

Each day is 1 hour of dynamic and new. 

Day 1 Manifesting with The F.I.X. Code 

Book another your session to remove the block that you worked on in class.

Day 2 The Grand Illusion.

Learn how and why this technique is taking the world by surprise. What is the Grand illusion and why this technique stops the chatter in your head?

Day 3 Emotional Baggage.

Learn how these negative emotions are wreaking havoc in our unconscious mind and physical body and how this technology changes how you feel. Quickly and with ease.

Day 4 Level 1-2-3

How you can learn the technique for you and your clients and get the impact and results you have so long desired.

Day 5 Trauma to Triumph.

My journey and how I have kept my promise to figure out what Daniel, The Creator and Founder of The F.I.X. Code did and teach the world how to do this. 

Bonuses: Day 6 Testimonials Day 7 Meet Daniel

First, heal yourself then implement this into your private practice as a Certified Practitioner. 

This will be life-changing for you and your clients.

Get ready for an amazing week with  Stacey, she is a force of nature with a huge heart. 

Looking forward to seeing you inside the course.

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Stacey Nye

Vice President and Master Trainer of The F.I.X. Code Technique

Combined with her 20 year Olympic Background, "Rubix Cube" mind, a heart of gold, and her ability to take you on a journey with The F.I.X. Code you won't forget. She is a force of nature you don't want to miss. Enjoy