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Use this technique with potential clients in your sales call. Have them experience how to get the results they have only dreamed of.

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What is the F.I.X. Code Technique and how can you apply it

The Online Training ( Level 1 )

10 Week LIVE Training ( Level 2 )

Learn a technique that will leave your clients wanting more

This technique is an incredible tool to stop the repetition of automatic negative thoughts and feelings through a gentle process that allows your unconscious and body to process and release destructive blocks from your personal and ancestral past.
No gadgets, No talk therapy, No fancy ceremonies.


Learn the F.I.X. Code and get the results you are looking for in your business and with your clients. 

Learn the NEW Paradigm and how to move your clients out of the Grand Illusion

Learn why and how this technique stops the movement of memory to the thinking brain so we can stay present instead of being pulled into the past memories or make pictures of the future going wrong  ( fear, anxiety, etc)

Learn from the online training a technique that has been designed for people who want to help and get their clients results. Personally and professionally. 


Implement this technique in your intro call with a client and let the potential client feel the results. 

Implement and feel how life changes  immediately

Implement this technique into your daily practice and life effortlessly

Implement this technique and free you and your clients from past trauma 

Implement this right into your private practice and watch your clients break through the blocks and that feeling stuck or trapped


As the horrible feelings and fears disappear

This technique allows you and your clients to move past the trauma and thrive

It removes blocks and fears that are keeping your clients stuck or paralyzed

It removes fears and pictures of the future going wrong so you and your clients can thrive and manifest the future you want 

This technique is taking the world by surprise.. WHY.. because it has changed the Paradigm and it works!


How This Works

Upon purchasing the online training you will receive:

The complete 10 Module online training. Create your account and you will find your training in the library. ENJOY

You must complete Module 1 of the Online Training Level I to attend the Live Training. Please come prepared. 

The 10 Week Live Training is once a week. Each week we expand upon the corresponding Module. Week 1 Module 1 etc.

This is a dynamic classroom ( zoom) with real-time learning and healing. It is interactive and a safe space to grow and heal.

You will also receive in your Online Training the MP4 Voice notes for personal extractions so you can start your healing right away. 

You also receive Stacey's schedule to book your 4 BONUS Healing sessions. 

The training includes unique content, videos, walk-through tutorials, PDF downloads, voice notes, and more.  See the course content for details.

Upon purchase, you are automatically registered for the upcoming LEVEL 2 LIVE TRAINING. 

What will I learn in the online training

This 10 module action-packed learn at your own pace training has been designed for YOU!

Stacey's Journey

About 18 years ago, my life took an expected sharp left turn. I suffered in silence for 6 years until I met The Founder and Creator of this tool called  The F.I.X. Code Technique. Within 5 minutes, this saved my life and revealed to me my life purpose.

I have dedicated the last 10 years to break this down, figuring it all out in order, and had thousands of hours of practice. 

It became clear that I was part of something way bigger than my own healing and I had to stay true to THIS path as it was going to help more people than I could have ever imagined. 

I have kept my promise ... 

Now YOU can be part of this unique process. Your experience will be different but this WILL change your client's life yours. 

Stacey Nye

Vice President 

Ancient Gene Technologies


Pricing & Payment Options

$4200 US

Payment plans available


 10 Module Online Training ( level I)

10 WEEK LIVE Virtual Class (Level II)

4 x private sessions  

Certification (after completion of practicum)