Exclusive Weekend Retreat

Spend the weekend with  the Creator and Founder of The F.I.X. Code Technique Daniel Flear 

Join us for a weekend of healing and learning. Eliminate negative emotions from your life and change your world. 



The Event is being hosted in the  Blue Mountains ... If you would like to host your own exclusive weekend with you and your friends in a private location 

Call Stacey 705-888-1253

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Testimonials of the Live Event


This is it!  It’s YOUR time!

What are you waiting for?"

The weekend retreat begins Friday evening in the Blue Mountains. We will delve into your personality quiz results and work through why and how you see and feel the world and how it affects your relationships. 

relationships with ourselves and our loved ones.

Saturday's agenda is packed: Now that we understand who we are at deeper level, we move into how you give and receive love - another complex- component to the healing and understanding how to heal our addition, we do not let one horrible feeling slip by us. Extractions are in the moment as they present themselves.

After lunch is all about extractions and healing .

We break early on Saturday for time at the world renowned Scandinave Spa. Details in your confirmation package. 

Sunday start time is 10 am when we will continue with content from the training and individual healing sessions using the technique. Sunday afternoon is practicing with each other and getting confidant with how to use the technique on yourself and your loved ones.


A fun weekend of Personal Healing

Eliminate negative emotions and learn to do this yourself for loved ones. If you have met Stacey, you already know she is a force of nature and loves to nurture. Your life can change immediately.


Our bonus gift to you: the F.I.X. Code online training.

Understand the power.  Read the underlying science or learn to do this.

This is all about YOU. Elegant and simple. You need only the script. Immediate results.

  Experience this life changing technique.
This is just the beginning.

Anxious to start? Private sessions?

Stacey's  voice notes will allow you to have sessions as you wish.

You get all the info-Stacey always over-delivers and the course is proof. The entire online course is yours immediately upon registration.

 " I call it magic ...when I use the technique I feel lighter immediately."

 Help yourself; help your world.

"I feel so thankful to have received the invitation to do this work." 


Info on The on- line training

What is the weekend really about?


If any of these resonate with you, then you will love the weekend as we eliminate the negative emotions associated with the biggest problems in your life. 

  •  Know your purpose in life. Stop searching for the elusive dream.
  • Get your power back. Remove  negative emotions that drain you.
  • Be your true self. Stop trying to please others.
  • Let go of the fears that prevent  you from achieving your goals
  • Confidently help your loved ones with their problems without taking on their stuff
  • Live an authentic life, true to your heart's desire 
  • Celebrate the life you have-don't mourn what might have been
  • Eliminate the drama 
  • Move forward on your personal journey
  • Use all that new found time for your passion 
  • See clearly-eliminate expectations or judgemental behaviours 
  • Find your path and confidently follow it
  • improve relationships
  • Learn to deal with relationships that drain you 
  • Get rid of any fear that prevents you from living your true life
  • Start living your dreams
  • Show the world who you truly are-this weekend will give you the power and freedom to contribute your talents and super powers where and when you want to. No more hiding.
This tool will become part of your daily routine.


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"I couldn't be more ecstatic about having found such a great technique. My clients love not having to talk things through so much and reliving painful moments. Be prepared to come away amazed at the simplicity and efficiency of the Fix Code. "

F.I.X. Code Practitioner and Chartered Member

Stacey's Journey

About 15 years ago, my life took an expected sharp left turn. I suffered in silence for 6 years until I met The Founder and Creator of this  tool called  The F.I.X. Code Technique. Within 5 minutes, this saved my life and revealed to me my life purpose.

I have dedicated the last 8 years to breaking this down, figuring it all out in order and had thousands of hours of practice. 

It became clear that I was part of something way bigger than my own healing and I had to stay true to THIS path as it was going to help more people than I could have ever imagined. 

I have kept my promise ... 

Now YOU can be part of this unique process. Your experience will be different  but this WILL change your life. 

Stacey Nye

Vice President 

Ancient Gene Technologies

How This Works

Once you purchase the weekend retreat, you receive the documents to complete before the weekend so we can make best use of our time together.

The retreat is a $2500 purchase which includes our gift of the online training, acheckout.

Accommodations, meals and the spa are the responsibility of each participant. View a list of area accommodations here.

Begin using the mp4's to have your own private sessions right away.

Decide when and if you want to learn the background material in the course which will always be yours. 

The training includes unique content, videos, walk-through tutorials, PDF downloads, Voice Notes and more.  The course syllabus gives more detail.

"...Both my daughter and I are thriving thanks to the FIX Code, where happiness is now the base and biggest emotion. We also have learned to do the technique, which lets us share this perpetual glow with others. There is nothing more rewarding then watching people go from a place of pain, to freedom! Thank you FIX Code!"

Freedom 45
Certified Practitioner and Chartered Member

100% Money Back Guarantee.

With the Exclusive Weekend Retreat , there's no risk. If you cancel, you must call Stacey more than 72 hours prior to the start time. Your options are 1. full refund with cancellation of access to the online course or 2. a partial refund for the retreat portion with the on-line training to remain yours.  If you attend the weekend retreat the money back guarantee is null and void.

A service fee will be applied for any cancellations within 72 hours of the weekend start time.