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Stacey Nye

Master Trainer

14 years Master Practitioner and President of the F.I.X. Code Global.

Stacey is a force of nature and loves what she does. Her passion for The F.I.X. Code is unwavering. Her mission is to reach, teach and help as many healers as she can.

Try this techinique and expereince for yourself and see what all the hype is about.

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Certified Practitioners

Martha Davis Alexander

Hey, I'm Martha, your go-to for navigating the emotional attic—no map required. Think of me as the friend with a flashlight, ready to explore every corner, dust and all. I'm here for the heart-centered heroes: energy healers, coaches, and holistic practitioners who've found their emotional capes a bit tangled.  With a blend of laughter, wisdom, and heaps of understanding, I turn daunting emotions into confetti. Looking for a sign to declutter your emotional world with someone who's been there? This is it. Let's uncover your joy and maybe share a laugh while we're at it.
Warmly, Martha
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Janine Rusnak

Janine’s concentration on transformative healing processes, and the unconscious mind allow her to assist her clients in being all of themselves unapologetically, with ease and grace in their lives.  This focus led her to being a Master Practitioner in the F.I.X. Code process and has been a blessing in her own life.

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Kathleen Bayly

After her first experience with the F.I.X. Code, Kathleen immediately knew this could help people.

She is assisting her clients to release what’s holding them back from having fun in their relationships, their work, and their life. 

You will be delighted by how easy this technique is, and without ever having to tell or re-live your story.

The Experience Passion & Purpose 3x Sessions Passion & Purpose 5x Sessions

Kelly Lee Tavson

Kelly Lee is known as an Intuitive Recalibrator. She has over 3 1/2 decades with a plethora of modalities behind her expertise & skills.

 Kelly Lee was guided & "called to" & fell in love with the F.I.X. Code. 

The F.I.X. Code stops the internal war of mind & ego & the enmeshment.

Kelly Lee's mission is for you to be at "PEACE" with your mind & heart while living light-heartedly.

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Sumeet Ahuja

I am a mama of two wonderful kids and my biggest passion in life is to help people end their suffering.
I worked in the Health care field for 17 years. When my father passed it sparked something within me, to help people live a more peaceful, joyous and purposeful life. This is my way of giving back.
I would love to be the spark that ignites your own joyous journey!  Peace & Love
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Tiffany Roden Campbell

As a professional woman working in a top management position in a man's world, Tiffany's goal is to empower women at all levels including work/life balance. The F.I.X. Code has helped her clients release what is holding them back from stepping out into the world as powerful women and reaping benefits of feeling empowered at work, going after new job opportunities, growing closer to spouses, children, and friends, and finally finding the peace and calm after the storms in their lives. As a mom, after seeing her own pre-teen daughter change with the help of the F.I.X. code, she started working with children to feel more empowered in school especially around bullies. 

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Diana Limoge

I specialize in energy healing & transformation; helping highly conscious people that feel stuck, stressed or blocked to experience more freedom, courage & empowerment. My goal is helping client's step into the clarity & wisdom of their hearts. 

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Haley Meushaw

 I like to do things the easy way.

The F.I.X. Code process is truly an easier way to unburden yourself gently and with the utmost respect.

Through my own expereinces, the value of this technique has been tremendous. Life is easier!

Your sessions will leave you feeling optimistic and clear about your next step.

Above all else, it is truly my pleasure and honor to serve you, easy-peasy.

Excited to wear my badge proudly!

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Meg Wosniak- Cushin

Meg is a Mental Health Advocate, Parent, Artist, Writer, Musician, Meditation & Art Teacher, Wellness Guide, and super fan of Self Development, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Mythology.

She loves to help children and adults find their way in unlocking their innate creativity, balancing their total well-being and building a more fulfilling life.

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Dr.Claudia S. Vasquez

Dr. Claudia is an intuitive energy healing practitioner for over 20 years, thus earning her masters degree in marriage and family therapy counseling and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

However , while treating her clients she felt in her heart that something was “missing” in psychology’s approach to helping people heal.

As she continued her journey with healing , life brought the F.I.X. Code to her, and what a pleasant surprise that was.  She absolutely loves this technique, decided to become a certified practitioner because she believed “this tool is unbelievably magical!”.

Dr. Claudia’s hope and what she truly honors is that “everyone deserves to feel the peace , freedom and magic of healing”...

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LilyAnne Pilgrim

LilyAnne was already working with a number of modalities when she was introduced to the F.I.X. Code and just knew that this was for her. In her art and her healing business she is passionate about helping empaths move from disability and detachment to superpowerful. She works with people of all ages.

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What the Students are saying

A weekend live event where 25 students learned this amazing technique


What Certified Practitioners are Saying

"I have worked with Stacey and Dan over the past five years to help me overcome inner beliefs around a lack of self worth and fears around my ability to earn money. The results have been remarkable. In those moments when I dip into those negative thought patterns, I have been able to work with Stacey or Dan, in the moment, over the phone 10,000 miles away in Sydney and resolve the issue. Three interesting observations. 1. This may sound absurd but post treatment there’s almost no recollection of the issue. When asked, I almost laugh it off. The problem here is that we can forget there ever was an issue and that Stacey and Dan unlocked the cause. One purpose of me writing this testimonial is to remind myself of the power of their work. 2. Secondly there’s a cumulative positive effect. I now experience far fewer of these episodes and as a result a great deal of financial abundance has been generated and done so effortlessly. “ Of course I’m worthy of this”! 3. Thirdly, we have a tendency to want to know precisely how every little thing works in our lives and how we can fix things. We like the control. Or the illusion of it. What I have found here is to surrender to this incredibly simple, very fast and highly effective process. It works. And you really don’t have to trouble yourself with the “hows” and “whys”. The sun rises every morning and I have no idea how or why. I highly recommend their work to you. "

Owner and Founder of G Diapers

" Since beginning laser coaching six month ago with Stacey using the FIX Code, I have experienced a dramatic change in my life. I was at a point at which I felt hopeless, lacking in any real purpose, and I had exhausted a myriad of healing and energy work modalities over many years with varying degrees of limited success. While it seems almost too easy to believe, the FIX Code has been able to remove negative thoughts, programs and traumas that have weighed me down my entire life. It is completely unlike any others. And Stacey, besides being a truly magical human being, is absolutely masterful at finding the ‘codes’ that will bring about the biggest changes and really remove those limiting beliefs, fears and negative emotions. Since working with her, I have been able to move forward in my life on so many levels: relationships that were like minefields are much smoother, decisions that should have been made years ago have been made, things that used to bother me no longer do, and there is now forward motion in my life. I also have discovered my passion…and have recently achieved certification in it! (This alone is miraculous to me as I’d given up on that.) Being rather cerebral and analytical, it was difficult to truly believe that this deceptively simple technique could work the wonders that it does…but, IT DOES. It effects profound change, and can do so in a relatively short period of time. I can say unequivocally that I would not be where I am today without Stacey and the FIX Code and I am deeply grateful to have found them. This is where I send my friends and family now. I truly cannot recommend this highly enough."

Certifed F.I.X. Code Practitioner

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