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Webinar workshop

Find out how this Ancient Technique is helping remove the blocks from the past, present, and future from you getting the life you want.


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January 10th 2022

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Learn how to manifest with The F.I.X. Code

Clear the PAST and FUTURE with this cutting-edge technology.

Join our next Webinar on Manifesting with the F.I.X. Code and remove the blocks that are stopping you from the life you are dreaming of to get you closer to what you want. Stay to the end for the Bonus

 This 1-hour WEBINAR has been designed to use the F.I.X. Code Technique to remove whatever is stopping you from manifesting the life you desire.


1) Think about what you want

2) The Block/ what is stopping you

3) Momentum & Sabotage

4) What life feels like if it was gone?

Stay until the end for the Bonus

This is laser-sharp and very result-driven

Simple and result-driven

Imagine being able to manifest the life you desire with a result-driven technique that removes the blocks and the vibration that is stopping you from getting everything you want.


After the Manifesting Webinar, my thinking was crystal clear and wicked sharp! I could see opportunities, and move towards action at lightning speed. And most importantly, I just felt great, like I was radiating pure joy. Have recommended to everyone know!


Stacey and Daniel are gifted intuitive coaches who are sincerely committed to helping each of us heal and create a clear path to abundant manifestation, free of blockages that often hold us back and delay success. I highly recommend this webinar. Be ready to be surprised.


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DATE   Saturday, November 6th 

TIME   2:00 -3:00pm EST



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Daniel Flear

Creator and Founder of The F.I.X. Code


Stacey Nye

Master Practitioner & Director of the F.I.X. Code Centre of Learning