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The Boot Camp gives you 8 x 60 minutes private sessions with Stacey via Zoom. 


Jump into the Laser Coaching package 20 session x 30  minutes.

Go as fast or as slow as you wish

 This package is POWERFUL

It has been designed for business people/ healers/ life coaches etc that want to use this advanced technique in real-time with blocks that come up at the moment. Having access to Stacey like this is very powerful.


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Change how you feel about your life

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 A one on one session with Stacey is life changing. Trust me... She is a force of nature. 

She is compassionate, funny and gentle and dedicated to sharing how the process works and how this technique is used.    

You will experience how quickly this tool can help with things like clarity and creating calmness in the mind. 

Knowing this is a process, it takes time. This is why we encourage you to either have 8 sessions and of course learn how to do this so you can use it on your self and your loved ones. 

The technique is non-invasive. There are no gadgets or ceremonies and this isn't a talk therapy modality. 

This is a simple yet very profound, result driven technique that really will help you feel better and get more control back in your life.

If you have found us, it is because a friend has told you how life-changing it was for them and you are hoping this will work for you.

This really is incredible and Stacey would love to help get you laughing and living the life you want! You will be thrilled.

This tool has changed her life and started her journey out of the hell of fear and trauma. She is very passionate about her goal. Teach a useable tool that will help us get through what life has thrown at us.

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The Foundation of all that is created at the Centre is based on "The Technique"

Learn more about becoming a F.I.X. Code Practitioner

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Online Training 10 Week LIVE Training ( once a week )

Upon purchase of this package, you will receive the 10 Module Online Training Level I  immediately. To get started, create your account and the training is located in your Library. 

You will also receive Stacey Schedule to book your 10 x 30 minute  Private Sessions to get you rolling and orientated with the layout of the training ect.

Inside the Training, you will have access to the MP4 voice notes of the script and can get started right away on your own healing. 

Get started with Module 1 and enjoy your journey through the Voice Notes, Videos, PDF's and Homework.

Once completed. Submit and you will be granted the registration form for the NEXT 10-week LIVE training.

NO money back as this is a digital product and you receive it all upon purchase

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