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"I couldn't be more ecstatic about having found such a great technique. My clients love not having to talk things through so much and reliving painful moments. Be prepared to come away amazed at the simplicity and efficiency of the F.I.X. Code Technique."

Marissa F.I.X. Code Certified Practitioner and Chartered Member

What is your Journey? 


This dynamic, interactive online training in conjunction with the 10-week Live Training will take your online training to the next level. 

The classes are intimate. expansive and exciting. 

Be ready for lots of healing, learning, and practice of the Technique. 

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Are you seeking personal healing-struggling with anxiety or feeling blocked, stuck or frustrated?

 Start to experience life without those horrible feelings. Feel empowered again. Celebrate your life's purpose. 


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Trauma to Triumph

5 Day Vitual Summit

Don't miss out on this on this dynamic and info filled week. Upon registerung Book your Session and try it for yourself with oe of the Certified F.I.X. Code Practitioners. 

It changes The Paradigm in your head.

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The F.I.X. Code Book

Cory Stickley AUTHOR OF

"The F.I.X. Code–The Found Secret to Fixing my Life" Accepting the Past, Embracing the Future and Living for Now

This  book engages you in her journey with the F.I.X. Code which healed her burnout, and removed her life-long fear of writing. She examines some common codes that can be easily fixed. 

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Blue Light and a Journey with th Anshar.

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