The F.I.X. Code

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We are a global centre of learning and healing ––teaching an advanced technique that eases emotional blocks and trauma.

Our Vision

A world in which Learning and Healing are celebrated. To empower those who want to learn and be in service to helping humanity heal.  

About us

Impact of The F.I.X Code 

Years of implementation have proven that the F.I.X Code changes lives immediately. The far-reaching effects of one changed life are infinite.

Impact of our Programs

Your Personal Power

As a coach, healer, or therapist, you are passionate about helping others, aren't you?

Expand your circle of influence in a way that you have only dreamed about. As you learn this technique you change.

You  become the change agent in life by learning and using this tool.

Be "the" Change

Support and Community

We support you in reaching your goal to become a practitioner by promoting shared-learning and teaching to different learning styles. We want you to succeed, to bring this technique into your business and personal life. 

Become a Practitioner

7 Countries and Counting

Our students come to the Centre from around the globe, from across all sectors from individuals to Corporate 500 companies.

Study at your own pace, in your own time zone, with the online training.

Clients, students, certified practitioners  rave about the results. As you change, you empower others to change.

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"The Technique" 

The F.I.X. Code Technique is the foundation of all Programs at the Centre. 

If your purpose is to serve and assist the healing and transformation of humanity, this online training has been created for you.

"The Technique" Course Syllabus

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Think about what you want and let the F.I.X. Code remove whatever is stopping/blocking you from the life you want.

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Join us today on the global journey of serving and helping heal those who are asking for help. 

"Learning this technique will change your life. " from all that have tried it