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Daniel's Virtual Private Coaching System

Using his proprietary technique, The F.I.X. Code, Daniel has helped hundreds of professional and career oriented clients achieve their life dreams. Unconscious beliefs and fears can limit your success in career, health, relationship and finances. .

So why is this different?

Daniel won't let you settle for less than your best.

Sure, change takes us out of our comfort zone for reasons we don't understand.

With Daniel's unique skills , he will guide you in setting clear objectives by eliminating those hard core limiting beliefs and fear––fears of failure, closing the deal, being embarrassed and even, fear of success. Yes, you heard me–success.

Isn't that a surprise! 

Imagine how limiting that would be? You want to succeed  but are afraid to.

YOU unconsciously block your own path to success.

 Daniels' Success System is a 5 week coaching system is easy to implement. He will be with you every step of the way. This will change how you feel about your life.

Session 1 You will have immediate results! 

That is only the beginning!

Be the successful entrepreneur and CEO that you know you can be.

Who is the Virtual Coaching for?

Do you want to grow your business, start a new one, sign on lifetime clients or get to the top of your corporate ladder?

Daniel's Success System will:

  • Identify any fears or beliefs that are blocking you
  • assist you in setting clear, actionable objectives
  • banish limiting beliefs and fears
All while honouring your personal priorities and building a business YOU envision.


" Daniel helped me with guilt 20 years ago and it's still gone "


Space is Extremely Limited!

Save Your Spot in this Result Driven experience

5 Week Breakdown
What You'll Get...

Week 1

1.5 hour coaching session

Have you ever felt that you were being judged and came up short?

How difficult is it to have a business relationship when you feel that way? How do you close a deal or work as a team?

This week, you discover the importance of  harmony with clients and family and how to let go of judgement that limits. 

Week 1 is a great confidence booster. You get  an instant return on your investment. Imagine living without feeling judged.

Week 2 

Fear of not being liked, fear of what others think of you and the Imposter Syndrome

1.5 hour coaching session

Confidence builds with each small win.

After the big success of last week's session, you are ready to dive into some important underlying, common fears.

This includes your reactions to others opinions of you, your decisions, your business model, your vision for your business and that fear of others discovering that you are not the expert they believed you were.

Week 3

Fear of Failure and Financial Death

1.5 hour coaching session

Every entrepreneur and business person faces this at some time in their career. Daniel will explore with you how this particular fear may affect ALL your decision making and your strategies for success.

You will continue to set your own goals for each session to ensure that together you  address your strengths, blindspots and stumbling blocks.

Continue to do the work.

Week 4 
Anger , Hurt, Sad, Embarrassed, Betrayed

1.5 hour coaching session

Take a moment and think about a time when you felt anger. Did you also feel hurt or embarrassed after that? If you learn how these work in the background of your business dealings, you will realize how important it is to change the narrative.

Do you second guess your decisions? Do you trust your staff and co-workers? Are you able to make a clean decision and then move on? Or do you replay the decision as a different scenario?

Why do we do this? Betrayal can undermine every facet of your life. As your business flourishes and grows, you need to be decisive and confident in your planning and in the implementation of your goals. 

Daniel will work with you to eliminate those concerns that prevent you from moving forward with assurance.

When you understand the subtle implications, your life will change.

Our gift  to ensure your success!

3 Additional coaching sessions with Daniel

These complimentary sessions are geared to positioning you at the top of your field  and must be used within the year of purchase::

  • keeping you motivated
  • placing you in charge of your life
  • empowering you
  • planning result driven objectives 
  • clarifying your goals and plans
  • inspiring self-confidence
  • Completing any remaining work from the intake forms.
  • overcoming fear of change and the unknown
  • eliminating other blocks the have surfaced during the sessions

About Daniel

Professional career people hire me to assist them in achieving their goals. Using my proprietary technique called the F.I.X. Code, with a brief series of sessions, clients are able to move forward easily, changing their lives in ways they had not believed possible.This is the free energy model of mind therapies.

for more info www.danielflear.com


How It Works

Once you enroll in The Success System, call Stacey to set up your 5 week success system schedule . Your F.I.X. Code Success System includes 1.5 hour Private session x 5  

Daniel's Success System enrollment typically only opens a few times per year, so we can support our growing community of Private Clients.

With only a limited number of spots available, we encourage you to act as soon as possible. We can never guarantee how long he will be accepting new Private Clients; as his year fills up quickly with F.I.X. Code related obligations. Don’t delay your success - sign up today!

Space is limited. Take advantage of this unique coaching method now. Don't miss out.