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 The F.I.X. Code  

The Spiritual Time is upon us 

Raise your vibration. 


We are the FREE ENERGY model of mind therapies.

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This tool is designed to help with Those horrible feelings that are blocking you

Take this awesome training in your own home at your own pace. Implement this techniquel into your life immediately. AS you work on family and friends, you will become comfortable with the technique and proficient at the process. And life will start to feel lighter and you will have more clarity

 Empower YOURSELF.   Help those you love ... leave no one behind.

Lower vibration static in our mind, body and spirit is wreaking havoc in our daily lives. It is preventing us from reaching our goal of " raising our vibration "– feeling light and free from frustration and anxious thoughts. This tool will assist in our preparation for the " Spiritual Time " that is upon us. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a proven technique at your finger tips–one designed for exactly this process? 

There are no gadgets, This is not  talk therapy, no long ceremonies, months of appointments or relying on someone else. This technique is all YOU.

 This is like " remembering ".  Once you learn this technique it becomes second nature.

The on-line training is designed so that you start raising your vibrations right away with the MP3 downloads of my voice notes doing the technique for you until you are more confidant to do it for yourself. With this in play you can start your healing right away.  It means you will be healing yourself and raising your  vibration.The more you practice/ use the voice notes the better you feel. The higher your vibration, the higher the collective consciousness becomes. 

This Self Help Tool was designed to raise our vibration and kick those horrible feelings to the curb

  The course is set up in a fun learning style loaded with knowledge you have never heard before.

Everyone's journey will be different as what has brought us here is different. But the one thing that remains constant throughout is that we are raising our vibration  and of the collective consciousness. Learn this technique –start helping yourself and people you love right away. YOU can help people raise their vibrations and watch them get control back and move towards happiness and clarity.

" I call it magic ...when I use the technique I feel lighter immediately." 

We are running out of time. We are all feeling it with anxious feelings, the feeling of being stuck or blocked etc. This tool helps in the moment so you can raise your vibration and feel lighter right away.

It’s quick, result driven, very effective and non-invasive. 

Course Content

Detailed course content... You have never seen anything like this.... Its taking the world by surprise... Because it is working

Who is this Self Help Tool designed for and what does it help with? 

Blockages keep us static. If these resonate with you, learn to do this technique and move forward. 

By no means is this list complete!
  • Use this simple technique–anywhere –any time you need to–no accessories or ceremonies.
  • Are spiritual blocks like negative emotions leaving  you feeling powerless?
  • Do you constantly try to please others at the expense of being your true self?
  • Are you afraid to let go of the status quo?
  • Do you wish to help your loved ones through their ascension journey?
  • Are you living an authentic life, true to your heart's desire or trying to be what others want you to be?
  • Are you mourning for what your life that could have been?
  • As a practitioner, add this Ancient Ascension tool to your existing modality toolbox–help clients move forward 
  •  Are you unsure of your purpose in life? Or longing for  something intangible?
  • If your life is surrounded by drama, this lower vibration static keeps us in the sludge.
  • Are you impatient to get on with your personal journey?
  • Are your expectations limiting your ability to see the subtle messages? 
  • Are you confused about where and how to begin or what it is you want to start?
  • Is your ego telling you that your life is perfect as it is?
  • Are you holding onto relationships that drain you emotionally and spiritually?
  • Do you truly believe you can do this or have you got a long list of excuses?
  • Are you hiding your gifts or talents? Do you feel like you don't belong?
If you can feel it and you know it's a lower vibration keeping you stuck– whatever it may be...this tool could become an integral part of your daily spiritual practice.

Interested in experiencing this? Book a session and try it.

"I couldn't be more ecstatic about having found such a great technique. My clients love not having to talk things through so much and reliving painful moments. Be prepared to come away amazed at the simplicity and efficiency of the Fix Code. "

F.I.X. Code Practitioner and Chartered Member


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How It Works

Once you purchase The F.I.X. Code on-line training, you get the course materials at once.

You will also be registered in the Fast Track 2 week class with Stacey 

Dive into Get started section and get rolling with Module 1 as soon as you wish.

The first 5 Modules are Foundation . So many Aha moments as you listen to information never heard before.

The " Technique " section is where you learn the technique and can start trying it on your family and friends... Have fun once you try it you will know what I mean, 

Start using the mp4's to have your own private sessions right away.

Learn the process and begin helping others!

Make sure you book your 4 private sessions 

The training includes videos, walk-through tutorials, PDF downloads, Voice Notes and more. 

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Stacey's Journey

I enjoyed a wonderful life and a global career.

Until the night that turned my world upside down and catapulted me into anxiety and fear, plunging me into darkness that I couldn't escape.

Instantly I became a  Mom terrified for her family and herself.

I suffered in silence for 6 years until I met The Founder and Creator of this  tool called  The F.I.X. Code Technique. With 5 minutes, this saved my life and revealed to me my life purpose.

My first words after my first session were, " GET OUT !  ARE YOU KIDDING ME !  I'm going to figure out what you just did and share it with the world.... Everyone needs to know how to do this! "

 I have dedicated the last 10 years to this technique 5  to breaking it down, and 5 years  teaching it to people like you all over the globe.


It became clear that I was part of something way bigger than my own healing and I had to stay true to THIS path as it was going to help more people than I could have ever imagined. 

I have kept my promise ... 

Now YOU can learn this
My wish is that this tool changes your life the way it did mine and so many after me . This is a journey and yours will be unique. But this WILL change your life. 

Think about what you want and Look for the Good... It's everywhere! 

Stacey Nye

Vice President 

Ancient Gene Technologies


"This technique never ceases to amaze me in revealing stuck emotions and limiting beliefs in the physical body. Only when we can release and allow space within ourselves, do we create room for something more positive, bigger, brighter and more in alignment with who we truly are."

Certified Practitioner and Chartered Member

This is it!
It’s YOUR time!

What are you waiting for?"

Stop watching other people help your kids or friends and start making a difference right NOW  with this NEW cutting edge technique. Be ahead of the curve. Whether you want to grow your existing business, start a new one, or simply help family and friends, there’s no better time than now. These horrible feelings and anxiety are crippling our families,  relationships and taking lives. IT's wrong.

Learn the F.I.X. Code and be part of the solution. Help our loved ones get through this shift and get their smiles back.

"...Both my daughter and I are thriving thanks to the FIX Code, where happiness is now the base and biggest emotion. We also have learned to do the technique, which lets us share this perpetual glow with others. There is nothing more rewarding then watching people go from a place of pain, to freedom! Thank you FIX Code!"

Freedom 45
Certified Practitioner and Chartered Member