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Jan. 19-20 2019

Learn how to do this cutting edge technique


The F.I.X. Code is  the FREE ENERGY model of mind therapies

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The F.I.X. Code is the solution


The F.I.X. Code Technique is the solution for our new times . We believe the Ancients used this technique to clear any horrible feelings and low vibration magnetic frequencies for ascension.
 We are losing the battle with anxiety and depression.
We are in a massive global energy shift and the magnetic of our earth our changing. Therefore, we need tools that are going to help us get through this shift.

Understanding what is happening to us and helping ourselves first can in turn help all around us. This technique will give you a huge advantage.

The F.I.X. Code Technique is an Ancient Gene Technology that has met NEW age  and  has been designed to get us through this time on earth where these low vibration frequencies ( negative emotions) and anxiety are wreaking havoc in our lives and especially our kids. They are becoming stronger, more prevalent and much more obvious.

The old strategies we used to get through "our stuff" aren't working. 

The F.I.X. Code is result driven and it truly works.

BUY your Live event ticket and reveive your on line training right away and get started. 

Once you have experienced the F.I.X. Code Technique for yourself I know you will want to learn this .Be the one that helps your teenagers, spouse, friends.  But get ready... It changes everything. People start to smile again, laugh, feel better, can get to work and school without anxiety... This really does help. We share the technique so you can help right NOW !


Who is 

The F.I.X. Code Technique LIVE EVENT and the on–line Training  for?


LEARN with Daniel...the creator and founder of this NEW cutting edge technique

RECEIVE the on - line training upon purchase and get started

Experience the technique during the training
Have personal attention and instruction
Grow an existing practice
Start a new one
Help family and friends
and–just imagine–

you can:

  • help your teenagers with anxiety and depression
  • add a kick ass tool to your existing modality toolbox
  • help your clients through blocks that limit their progress
  • get over fear of being embarrassed to make a sale
  • help overcome grief and sadness
  • have a simple technique that helps almost instantly
  • do this anywhere-no gimmicks, ceremonies or sad stories                        
  • eliminate your friend's horrible feelings or negative self talk
  • help our teenagers resist peer pressure, improve self-image and grow up to become well adjusted young people                                
  • start a new practice using the F.I.X. Code Technique-improve quality of life
  • help people do more than just cope with their lives
  • get over fear of failure, guilt, anger
  • raise your vibrational level
  • eliminate lower level frequencies that keep you stuck
All while honoring your priorities, helping those around you, perhaps building or extending your present tool box for business.

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The F.I.X. Code Technique

This technique is so easy to learn & use. It gives you a simple yet profound way to help your loved ones RIGHT NOW... In the moment

We have all struggled to know where to start...until now!

The F.I.X. Code Technique is a "paint-by-numbers" program anyone can learn. Share this new technique.  Help people get better control over the horrible feelings that cause them to feel anguish. Learn this technique –start helping people right away. YOU can help get their lives back on track.

It’s all about learning to help your family and friends with a brand new healing modality. This technique is EXACTLY what you need to finally help in a way that works. 

Today, this is the quickest, most effective, proven tool out there-to help with anxieties, fears and lower level vibrations that stop our growth. This is Cutting Edge.

"I couldn't be more ecstatic about having found such a great technique. My clients love not having to talk things through so much and reliving painful moments. Be prepared to come away amazed at the simplicity and efficiency of the Fix Code. "

F.I.X. Code Practitioner and Chartered Member

This is it!
It’s YOUR time!

What are you waiting for?"

Stop watching other people help your kids or friends and start making a difference right NOW  with this NEW cutting edge technique. Be ahead of the curve. Whether you want to grow your existing business, start a new one, or simply help family and friends, there’s no better time than now. These horrible feelings and anxiety are crippling our families,  relationships and taking lives. IT's wrong.

Learn the F.I.X. Code and be part of the solution. Help our loved ones get through this shift and get their smiles back.

Spots are limited for this LIVE EVENT

How the  ON Line Training works for the LIVE EVENT

Once you enroll in The F.I.X. Code LIVE EVENT you will receive the first 5 Modules of the on-line training.They are "The Foundations." we ask that you get a good grasp as we will be diving into Module 6-10 at the Live training. 

On the last day of the Live training you will receive the Modules 6-10 all at once. This is "The Technique". that you will always be able to refer to after the Live training.

At the live event you will be taught the technique and have lots of time to practice and also get extractions yourself throughout the weekend.

Your on -line training includes videos, walk-through tutorials, PDF downloads, Voice Notes and more. We accommodate a variety of learning styles and release 'The Foundations' Modules are released in order to ensure you complete the learnings in the right order and become familiar with these brand new concepts. You have time to implement and really feel them as you go. We want  you to be comfortable with these new ideas.

The Live events are filled with AHA moments and magic is all around us. We decided to create the on-line training for you that STARTS the moment you purchase. The Foundation level will blow your mind.. Its what you need to really dive into  learning the technique

If you join now–you will have access to Daniel and Stacey on line and of course at the live event. They are very committed to sharing The F.I.X. Code Technique and supporting YOU in  learning to do this. Don’t delay your success another day!

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Little more info about the Course

The F.I.X. Code Technique IS the real deal!

While it’s by no means a “get fixed quick” scheme, anyone with the discipline to follow simple steps can learn this, build a legitimate practice, help clients who are blocked or paralyzed in fear, or can't get over 'it'–whatever 'it' is. Get them thriving again–fast!

One of the biggest reasons we struggle in day to day life is because of feelings of anxiety and horrible feelings robbing their "happy". We have tried everything to feel better.  It's Simple YET very profound.

Come to our LIVE event ,we break everything down in an easy to understand and implement method. 

Modules 1-5 (The Foundations)  IF you come to our live events you receive the first 5 right away.  If you come to our LIVE event Module 6-10 will be delivered on the last day of the event as the technique will be taught live .

There’s no question about what to do next. You will learn a technique you are truly proud of!

Online Access.
Go At Your Own Pace.

It’s Like Going Back to School...But So Much Better!

Your entire course is online and can be accessed from the comfort of your home or on-the-go. You can work at your own pace and revisit lessons any time.

"This technique never ceases to amaze me in revealing stuck emotions and limiting beliefs in the physical body. Only when we can release and allow space within ourselves, do we create room for something more positive, bigger, brighter and more in alignment with who we truly are."

Certified Practitioner and Chartered Member

Get the PROOF you need...

Module 1
Foundations.. THE TRUTH

Learn about  the Grand Illusion and how it affects our daily lives.  
What are Parasitic Programs and how do they operate?How does the  F.I.X. Code Technique works?

 If you can get your head around this first module, you are never going to go back to the old way of thinking... YOU CAN'T......This is the TRUTH.

Module 2 

What happens in our minds when a memory is triggered?  This process leaves us unconscious and NOT present. 
In this module, we explore what happens in our body, to our language and our mistaken beliefs, when we do the F.I.X. Code technique on others or experience this for ourselves.

Module 3 

How does the Metaphorical device called the F.I.X. Code Technique work?

Learn about Rapport, Harmony and Tonality. How do you access your workspace and why? 

What are triggers and what role do they play in our emotions?


Module 4 

In this module, we learn how MetaPrograms work and how each developmental stage in growing from birth onward are fertile ground for the beginnings of our negative emotions. Find out why we use this knowledge in the Technique.

What is a root cause? Why is it called that and what is its importance within the structure of this brand new technique?

What is Pattern Interrupt and when is it used?


Module 5 

Get ready!

Now that you know the material in the first 4 modules, this last 'Foundations' module will solidify your knowledge and prepare you for the Technique and the next 5 modules.

How do you find the Code so you can ask the Magic Question?What is the proper way to ask the Question and why?

Is it fear or emotion? What is the difference and why does it really matter?  Why don't we need the content?

And most importantly, how do you set up the process for success.  Super that energy with the hands or what exactly is happening?


Module 6-7-8 THE LIVE EVENT

Get ready...This is where the real FUN starts.  Watch the opening Intro and learn why it is necessary.
Watch the video of Daniel doing the Setup.
Learn the Technique:
-Why we say what we say
-You will learn the subtleties of the Technique
-Gain knowledge and feel confident with your client

-Practice with your friend. Become competent with this amazing new technique.

Module 9 

What is happening after the session?

Has this worked? How will I know?

Physical changes in  the client's behaviour that indicate success

Other changes


Module 10 

What is happening after the work? Learn about: 

  • Big Bully in the Playground
  •  Links to Memories are Gone
  • Justification
  • Being HUMBLE. 
  • Signs beliefs are Falling Apart
  • How to become a Certified Practitioner

100% Money Back Guarantee.

With the F.I.X. Code LIVE Event  and on-line training, there's no risk, you can cancel up to the day before the LIVE EVENT and receive full refund. IF you attend the live event the money back guarantee is null and void.

Don’t Delay Your Success Another Day

"...Both my daughter and I are thriving thanks to the FIX Code, where happiness is now the base and biggest emotion. We also have learned to do the technique, which lets us share this perpetual glow with others. There is nothing more rewarding then watching people go from a place of pain, to freedom! Thank you FIX Code!"

Freedom 45
Certified Practitioner and Chartered Member

About Daniel


The F.I.X. Code Technique, my gift to the world, born of years of personal adversity and struggle, has been my own salvation and awakening. Never one to take the easy road, I have had to experience the lowest of lows in my life to discover the joy of living “present”.

 From early on, I challenged norms and defied authority. I saw the world differently from my peers and didn’t understand why. I rebelled.

 But a crisis, followed by a series of gifts, changed my path.

While recovering in hospital from a devastating car accident, the first gift, a book, ‘Silva Mind Control’ literally healed my eyes and gave me the opportunity to view the world from a healing space by harnessing the power of the mind.

 A ticket to a Tony Robbins seminar was the next gift. With only 75 in attendance, as this was in 1987 no one knew who he was and  had just written a book called 'Unlimited Power'. I spoke in depth with him and followed up on his suggestion to study NLP. To do this, I used my savings and studied, with the founder, Richard Bandler, during a couple smaller trainings at the time.

My next course, hypnotherapy,  taught me the workings of the unconscious mind.  Now, it was time to get a job. A course and a career in securities was perfect…until the market crashed.

So, I sold vacuums, drove a bakery delivery truck, sold kielbasa from a street cart, owned video and pizza stores. I endured financial hardship and just when life seemed to be smooth sailing, a crisis of epic proportions brought me to my knees.

I was hurt, angry, broken-shattered. Traumatized, life held no future. As I was considering ending this pain, the cosmos kicked my butt by creating a life altering experience beyond belief. But that is another story.

Let me say that this event changed my life, setting me on this path. Another gift.

The most amazing gift, and the coolest part of this, was that there were no negative emotions or fears running me now. My mind was quiet and clear, I was totally present to each and every moment. It was my very own life changing experience as so many other people have experienced in their own way.

I had no idea how I was to implement the amazing visions that I had–ones that showed me contributing to the field of mental health and healing, but was certain that my training combined with the clues I gleaned from my favourite science fiction shows, would be important.

My thinking expanded. Briefly, I created a metaphorical device that could disconnect horrible feelings, fears and anxiety. I began to see emotions in other people as weird electrical currents, separate from them and able to tax the physical body.

I have spent 25 years learning and studying, being torn out of “normal”, being pushed to figure this out.

It is now time to share this with the world, with anyone wishing to hear it. With this new paradigm, emotions are not us­–your world can change. No more fears, defeating negative mind chatter, anxiety or feeling stuck and unable to move forward.

This  technique can eliminate all that prevents you from living life in the present.

I am so honored and grateful to have been given this opportunity.

 We have one mission only:

“We are building a relationship with the rest of the world so as to SHARE the F.I.X. Code Technique with THEM so THEY can change THEIR lives.”

We are the (free energy) model for Mind Therapies.

Where New Age meets Ancient Gene Technologies.


You Can Start Helping TODAY! Let’s Make It Happen!