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Legal Agreement
The F.I.X. Code Technique  “Code of Conduct”
Your Agreement is with Ancient Gene Technologies Inc. and Daniel E. Flear.

Welcome to the F.I.X. Code on-line training. All rights of the F.I.X. Code Technique, branding, licensing, and properties belong to Daniel E. Flear and Ancient Gene Technologies Inc.

 Any attempt to copy, rebrand, rename or teach in any form the F.I.X. Code without written permission from Daniel E. Flear and Ancient Gene Technologies Inc. will result in an immediate fine and Fee of $300,000.00 U.S. payable immediately to Ancient Gene Technologies Inc.

You have agreed to practice the F.I.X. Code Technique with integrity and respect and to follow the code and conduct of the F.I.X. Code.

You agree that if you are not a Certified F.I.X. Code practitioner you are not allowed to charge for your services until you are licenced by Ancient Gene Technologies Inc.

Once you are certified you will be able to charge for your services, use the F.I.X. Code logo and all marketing tools supplied and associated with The F.I.X. Code branding.

Upon certification you will receive a marketing package that will be yours to use in your marketing and be a part of our Global branding and team.

The Script is not to be given away, taught to others, or shared with anyone in any form.

You agree to use the Script with integrity and to uphold its value and humility and to always honour and be compassionate with your clients and your workspace.

It is understood that any violation of this agreement in any form constitutes a breach of this agreement and is subject to all legal liabilities and fees that are fully in control of Daniel E. Flear and Ancient Gene Technologies Inc.

Daniel E. Flear and or Ancient Gene Technologies Inc. reserve the right to terminate and or dismiss any participant from the training or revoke your certification as a Licensed Practitioner for misconduct or breach of this agreement as determined.


Policies and Procedures
We thank you for your signed Agreement prior to receiving your Section 1. Your reading, signing, and returning the signed agreement indicates your understanding of our policies and procedures and Code of Conduct as a F.I.X. Code student and practitioner.
§  The F.I.X. Code is a proprietary technique and is owned by Ancient Gene Technologies, INC.

§  The Script is not to be given away, taught to others, or shared with anyone in any form.

§  You have signed a legal document agreeing that you will keep the technique as your own and will not share your login or passwords with anyone. Legal action will be taken with a breach of this contract.

§  The integrity of the technique is important and must be protected.

§  If you are using the F.I.X. Code in your business it is not to be renamed or new logos made.

§  All branding is property of Ancient gene Technologies and as a certified practitioner and member of the F.I.X. Code Global team, you are permitted to use all F.I.X. Code branding that is authorized by Ancient Gene Technologies Inc.  

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