The F.I.X. Code Technique


Self Help tool unlike anything you have experienced




The F.I.X. Code Technique

Is the FREE ENERGY model of mind therapies.


4 x 1 hour private sessions with Stacey

10 week Live Seminar series with Stacey ( starts June 5th )

Full online training ( go at your own pace)

Certification with Daniel ( fees included )




Module 1
Foundations.. THE TRUTH

Learn about  the Grand Illusion and how it affects our daily lives.  
What are Parasitic Programs and how do they operate?How does the  F.I.X. Code Technique works?

 If you can get your head around this first module, you are never going to go back to the old way of thinking... YOU CAN'T......This is the TRUTH.

Module 2 

What happens in our minds when a memory is triggered?  This process leaves us unconscious and NOT present. 
In this module, we explore what happens in our body, to our language and our mistaken beliefs, when we do the F.I.X. Code technique on others or experience this for ourselves.

Module 3 

How does the Metaphorical device called the F.I.X. Code Technique work?

Learn about Rapport, Harmony and Tonality. How do you access your workspace and why? 

What are triggers and what role do they play in our emotions?


Module 4 

In this module, we learn how MetaPrograms work and how each developmental stage in growing from birth onward are fertile ground for the beginnings of our negative emotions. Find out why we use this knowledge in the Technique.

What is a root cause? Why is it called that and what is its importance within the structure of this brand new technique?

What is Pattern Interrupt and when is it used?


Module 5 

Get ready!

Now that you know the material in the first 4 modules, this last 'Foundations' module will solidify your knowledge and prepare you for the Technique and the next 5 modules.

How do you find the Code so you can ask the Magic Question?What is the proper way to ask the Question and why?

Is it fear or emotion? What is the difference and why does it really matter?  Why don't we need the content?

And most importantly, how do you set up the process for success.  Super that energy with the hands or what exactly is happening?


Module 6-7-8

Get ready...This is where the real FUN starts.  Watch the opening Intro and learn why it is necessary.
Watch the video of Daniel doing the Setup.
Learn the Technique:
-Why we say what we say
-You will learn the subtleties of the Technique
-Gain knowledge and feel confident with your client

-Practice with your friend. Become competent with this amazing new technique.

Module 9 

What is happening after the session?

Has this worked? How will I know?

Physical changes in  the client's behaviour that indicate success

Other changes


Module 10 

What is happening after the work? Learn about: 

  • Big Bully in the Playground
  •  Links to Memories are Gone
  • Justification
  • Being HUMBLE. 
  • Signs beliefs are Falling Apart
  • How to become a Certified Practitioner

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"...Both my daughter and I are thriving thanks to the FIX Code, where happiness is now the base and biggest emotion. We also have learned to do the technique, which lets us share this perpetual glow with others. There is nothing more rewarding then watching people go from a place of pain, to freedom! Thank you FIX Code!"

Freedom 45
Certified Practitioner and Chartered Member